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The essence of Mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. ~S. Gudder


Matthew: Head of Mathematics


After graduating at the University of Cambridge in  Mathematics and Education Studies, I spent a year training as a teacher of Mathematics and  began my teaching career in 2008 whilst pursuing a Masters degree in Mathematics Education.

My passion for Mathematics is transmitted through my teaching, where I help each student obtain the necessary skills and confidence to reach their full potential for exams and beyond. My approach has always been to encourage each student to engage their curiosity when learning, as the conceptual understanding and application of what is being learnt is paramount when viewing the world through the eyes of a Mathematician. I believe many mathematical topics should be taught and learnt through problem solving. It helps develop each student's understanding of Mathematics as requiring more than just rote learning, and more being about reasoning and experimenting. Putting students in challenging situations where the route to a solution is not immediately obvious is valuable in helping to develop their application and thinking skills, which are pivotal in doing well in any exams.

By using a variety of resources, such as interactive electronic lesson slides, mathematical games, hands-on objects, exclusive past entrance and exam papers, each student develops the essential skills required to assist them in confidently understanding and solving each mathematical problem.


I have been Director of Exceptional Mathematics for the past three years. Prior to this, I was Head of Mathematics at an elite Prep School in the Borough of Chelsea and Westminster, where I developed and oversaw the Mathematics Programme up to Common Entrance as well as managed a team of teachers.  

I have eight years teaching experience in both the State and Independent sectors and specialise in Key Stage 2 to 4. This includes preparation for SAT, 11+, 13+ and GCSE. As a teacher and Head of Department, I was rated as 'outstanding' when observed by Ofsted and Senior Leaders.

I always strive to find exciting and innovative pedagogies to engage my students. We play mathematical games, solve a variety
of problems and relate the subject to practical situations, but at the same time, we do not lose focus on the learning objective in each lesson. During my time teaching at schools, I led projects which drew links between Mathematics, Science and English for students. I also ran numerous mathematical events, such as the Probability Fair, Pi Day and World Maths Day.


When not teaching, I spend time finding and creating mathematical resources which will engage my students' learning. I travel extensively as much as I can and I keep fit by going to the gym. Having reached grade 5 piano, I enjoy music and often attend concerts and musicals. Being a keen sportsman, I also love participating and watching a variety of sports.


Alan: Deputy Head of Mathematics


I spent the first half of my life growing up in Germany, which included German schooling, before moving to London at the age of 15.  Even whilst at school, fellow classmates (and teachers) suggested I should consider teaching as a career, since I appeared to have an aptitude for explaining difficult concepts clearly and, when necessary, in a variety of ways.  As teenagers invariably do, I promptly dismissed their suggestions and went on to receive my Masters of Physics degree from Warwick University with honours.  At this point I decided to spend some time volunteering overseas, which is where I got my first taste of teaching.  Upon my return, I decided to train as a Secondary Mathematics Teacher, came to realise that I absolutely loved it and never looked back.


So pleased were my PGCE training schools with my progress that both offered me a position immediately. Within one year of teaching I was promoted to Deputy Head of Mathematics, where I had the opportunity to work as Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, as well as ICT, Coordinator.

After six years of teaching Mathematics in London, I decided to move to Spain to broaden my experience.  I worked in a British international independent school teaching International GCSEs and A-Levels.  They, too, offered me the position of Deputy Head of Mathematics one year later and followed it up with Head of Mathematics the year after that.

I spent the next couple of years restructuring our assessment policy, which was heavily focussed on mindless testing. Instead I wanted to free up some class time in an already cramped curriculum to give my staff the opportunity to explore and investigate.  I also introduced group projects to stimulate an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation, as well as long term assignments to encourage independent thinking and mathematical resilience. We asked students and parents for feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive, as they reported an overall rise in the level of engagement and enjoyment with the subject.

I have taught all ages and abilities, both in a classroom setting and one-to-one, from the basics of Year 7 through to Further Mathematics A-Level, with a particular love for algebra.  I want my pupils to feel comfortable enough to make mistakes and confident enough to explore them.  I also constantly prompt pupils to ask the question, 'Why?'  I believe these to be two of the most powerful tools in Mathematics education.  I relish exploring the subject deeper, beyond the superficial, and linking various topics into one comprehensible big picture, while investigating real-world applications.

Other Interests

I am a keen outdoorsman and have hiked my way across Spain and, most recently, 3000 km across Japan, exclusively on foot. Slovenia is next on the list... I am also passionate about languages, filmmaking, photography, food and DIY. I enjoy keeping fit and have a black belt in karate.



Kelly: Mathematics


I have been teaching and tutoring for over 13 years, my first students being family friends that I was keen to help through teaching. On completing a BSc in Biochemistry at Kings, I realised that my path was not within research but teaching. I then started working as a teacher and an assistant within an independent prep school, whilst gaining a BA in Childcare and Youth Studies and also pursuing to become a fully qualified teacher.

I have a passion for helping young people to unlock their full potential. A child getting their 'Eureka' moment within a topic they struggle in is why I enjoy what I do so much.

particularly love working with Mathematics and numbers as I feel that it is such an immersive subject, contrary to the rote learning we received at school. Through games and investigations, a child’s mathematical reasoning can be developed which furthers their understanding of the subject as a whole.


I am a fully qualified and passionate teacher with experience of teaching in both state and independent schools up to Year 8 and tutoring Maths and Science up to A-level. I specialise in teaching Mathematics up to A-level, including 11+ and 13+ preparations, Sciences up to KS3. I have successfully helped students gain admission places into schools such as North London Collegiate School, Wycombe Abbey, Latymer Upper, Goldophin & Latymer, Highgate School, Ibstock Place, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for boys and for girls, etc. 

I also have worked within inclusion thus have a wealth of experience working with students with learning difficulties, children with autism and those with English as a foreign language. I also had experience working with the more-able students where I was able to extend and engage them beyond the curriculum. 


Other interests

Outside of work, I enjoy baking and cuddles with my baby daughter, I am also currently completing an MA in Educational Leadership. 


Emma: Mathematics & Science


After graduating with a BSc (Hons) from The University of Edinburgh, I decided to pursue teaching as a career and embarked on a PGCE at Birmingham University where I specialised in secondary teaching of Mathematics and Science.

I have extensive experience teaching children of varying abilities, ranging from those with special needs to Oxbridge candidates.Currently, I am teaching Mathematics to children aged 11 - 18 at a Secondary School whilst also completing an MA in Teaching Studies at….. I am heavily involved in all aspects of extra curricular life, recognising the importance of all round development.

In addition, I spent four summers working abroad at camps in America where I taught Drama and Sports. It was here that I really discovered my passion for Drama. Since then I have been lucky enough to work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was involved in many performances during my time at university. At my current school, I assist the Drama Department with productions.



Following my PGCE, I taught full time in Birmingham for three years. In London, I am currently working as a Teacher of Mathematics at a top 50 Independent Senior Girls’ School in the UK. In addition, I have taught for many years prior to this with children internationally in co-educational environments.

Being a teacher makes me very well equipped to tutor in both Mathematics and Science to all ages and abilities, including GCSE and A level. As a teacher, I believe the fundamental aspect of tutoring is to put each child at ease by creating a positive and supportive learning environment where my students feel safe to make mistakes as it is through mistakes that we all learn.

Additionally, I am acutely aware of each individual’s differing learning needs and styles thus I vary my teaching resources and style to cater to the specific needs and learning style each individual student. Ultimately, whilst ensuring my lessons are academically rigorous, I want my students to enjoy Maths and Science; one way in which I try to engage them is by incorporating interactive support by using my ipad and playing games.


Other interests

As a keen Sports Woman, I played for the first XI Rubgy team while studying at Edinburgh and love to still watch it. In addition, I played netball and continue to teach a senior girls’ netball team. I am also particularly interested in Music, having reached grade 6 piano and sung in many different choirs. Travelling, experiencing new cultures and particularly new food, is another love of mine.


Michael: Mathematics


Having originally moved from China to England with my family when I was 6, I would consider myself to being culturally British in that I am punctual, polite and I have a stereotypical penchant for tea and cricket.  Having studied Mathematics and Further Maths at A level, I went on to read Mathematics where I graduated with an MSci from Birmingham University.    

When I am not teaching, my other love is acting.  Having graduated with an acting degree, I am lucky enough to be able to pursue a career in both acting and teaching.


I have been working as a tutor with Exceptional Academics for almost a year and have tutored a range of students aged between Year 4 - 6 preparing them for their 11+ exams.  I feel that my current role as a Teaching assistant at a Primary School in London has equipped me well to know the curriculum, assessment foci and how to achieve help my students achieve the best possible grades.   I am currently teaching Mathematics to the most able, accelerated learners in Years 5 and 6.

Other interests

I enjoy keeping fit by participating in competitive sport, as well regularly going to the gym.   Additionally, I take pleasure in experiencing different cultures through my extensive travelling.  Music is another love of mine; I enjoy attending live music concerts and festivals.



Rachelle: Mathematics & Science


I am a former teacher with 12 years of tutoring experience.   Following my first degree at Leeds University, having achieved a 2.i in Economics, I travelled in China for three years, teaching the Key Stage 1 curriculum at an international school and setting up the curriculum model; staff training; marketing and sales for 22 tutoring centres throughout China.  I have extensive experience in adapting the National Curriculum to different learning styles and environments, which helps me enormously when planning a personalised programme for my students. On returning to the UK, I ran an international headhunting consultancy before returning to teaching in the form of tutoring.  More recently, in the role of full-time governess to a young family in London, I have been able to pursue a Masters in Education at the Institute of Education (UCL), the world leader in Education Thought and Research. I also run a company that manufactures educational, Montessori-inspired toys for the early years.  I am a mentor and ambassador for mental health charity ‘Time for Change’ and childhood intervention charity ‘Chance UK’ who provide mentors and tutors to primary school-aged children with behavioural difficulties. I am also registered with the National Tutors Association. When I am not tutoring, I am studying as I work my way to an MPhil and then hopefully, a PhD in Education.


I am passionate about education within the home and see home tuition as the ultimate opportunity for a positive and productive educational experience.  I focus on instilling the key characteristics of effective learners in order to ensure long-term benefits, building confidence and perseverance through a tailored, level-appropriate curriculum, the latest in teaching techniques, engaging resources and activities, and empowering the learner. Specialising in KS1 and KS2 English and Maths, I tutor a wide range of academic abilities. I assist children with exam preparation for top academic schools in and outside of London from 7+ through to 11+ examinations. Currently, I am undertaking specialist Dyslexia and Dyscalculia training; I therefore am very well equipped to assist those who may have special educational needs.


Other interests

I am a ‘Leiths’ trained chef and keen skier, hiker and climber. At home, I can often be found in the Children’s section of Waterstones, purchasing the latest children’s literature as reading is a huge passion of mine too. During holidays, I can usually be found in the Swiss Alps.



The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. ~Albert Einstein


Fahad: Maths & Science


Having completed a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science at Queen Mary University, I am now in my fourth year of Medicine at Barts, and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry.  From a very young age I always wanted to be a doctor, which fuelled my interest in the sciences, especially Biology and Chemistry. 
Growing up, I volunteered in various hospitals and clinics to gain some insight into the profession. I saw firsthand how doctors can change the lives of their patients and how grateful the patients are for this.   I also did some volunteering with older people in the community, teaching them computer skills.


My love of teaching developed whilst I was at school in Nottinghill as I found myself teaching children in younger year groups more complex topics in Maths & Science.  Since then, I have gained a lot of experience as a tutor, teaching Science to students from Year 5 to 11.   I particularly enjoy teaching GCSE Science.  I also have two years experience in teaching Maths up to KS3.  I am flexible in the way that I teach and always endeavour to engage my students by making my lessons as interesting and memorable as possible.   Mindful of differing learning styles, I adapt my teaching methods to suit each individual student.
At University, I am also heavily involved in small group teaching sessions to those in the years below me.  In hospitals, I often sit and talk to younger children awaiting procedures or operations.  Establishing relationships so that children feel comfortable and safe is of paramount importance and something I feel has helped me to become a better teacher as a result.
Additionally, I am able to help with homework and exam technique.  I also have a lot of experience in drafting scientific essays to an excellent standard.  Having a background in Medicine has helped me to become extremely efficient and organised with my time, a skill I like to share with my students.  I have excellent revision techniques, which is another skill I teach to my students, particularly when preparing for 11+, 13+, GCSE or A level examinations.


Other Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy cycling and playing squash.  Travelling to other countries is a real passion and something I hope to continue with my career in Medicine.   I also regularly participate in charity work, most recently getting involved in Charity Week to raise money for needy children around the world.


Wahid: Maths & Science


I am charismatic young person with a keen interest in Computer Science and Astrophysics and my specialty is teaching mathematics and physics to students of all ages. I studied Astrophysics through the Natural Sciences Tripos at Magdalene College, Cambridge and Computer Science at UCL.

I consider myself a people person as I always relish opportunities to interact with others and hear the unique insight everyone has to offer. Indeed, I regularly adapt lesson plans based on my interactions with a student to come up with a method of teaching best suited to them. I have trained students who required prolonged tuition over the period of a year as well as those who required training for only one month to cram for upcoming exams. As such, I have gained a wealth of experience following a dynamic teaching style that is structured to give the most to a student out of the time available. I especially make sure not to teach maths and physics for the sake of teaching maths and physics, but rather I aim to bring out the passion one can have for the subject from the student, as I firmly believe passion is the best way of ensuring success.


Having had four years experience as tutoring one-to-one in Mathematics and Physics, I have been working with Exceptional Academics since last July. Additionally, I have taught Key Stage 2 Mathematics and Science at a Saturday School. During my tenure with Exceptional Academics, I have tutored GCSE Mathematics & Physics and conducted 11+ interviews.

Other Interests

When I am not busy honing my programming skills, I like to read books as well as play significant amounts of pool. I also had the opportunity to compete in several division 1 leagues as the Captain of the Magdalene College Pool Team. I am also a big fan of badminton which I play regularly. Whilst I was in school I used to play a lot of piano, but as of a couple of years ago, I have now also started to learn playing the guitar. My professional work outside of academia/teaching was generally as a software developer at various companies.


Tasnia: Mathematics & Science


I have been tutoring English since I was 16 years old to students ranging from 7-19 in KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-Level. Having achieved 11 A*s at GCSE and A*AAA in English, Biology, Maths and Chemistry at A-Level, I found that understanding and explaining complex concepts was almost second nature to me.

I am currently a second year student reading Medicine at King’s College London. I believe myself to be an innovative, self-motivated and articulate student who is able to work hard and diligently and takes on responsibility well. I am known for my enthusiasm and creativity when faced with a problem. As a student, I organise my time to allow for studying and working; I have found a good balance which has permitted me to continue my passion for tutoring- something I have done for the past four years. Although I love Medicine, I have always loved English and were it not for my career path, I would have loved to pursue English in addition to Medicine at University. By teaching English, it allows me to share my passion for language and literature with my students.

Teaching Experience

Since 2009, I have been tutoring English; I teach English from Key Stage 2 to 5. My proudest achievement was when I taught English Language and Literature to a group of 20 students at GCSE, all of whom achieved A* under my tutorship.

I have been working as a tutor with Exceptional Academics since last year. It is a pleasure to work with Dara, as Head of English. Her creative and highly rigorous approach to teaching and learning is very admirable and is clearly the reason Exceptional English has had such success right across the key stages. We liaise very closely regarding all of my students to ensure each individual student is taught in a way which suits them best and meets the needs of exams they take. Our philosophy, which I really love, is to teach English beyond the exam so that a love of the subject is fostered in each of our students as it was for me.



Francis: Science


I am a creative and imaginative teacher of physics who is committed to ensuring the success of my students. I seek to combine my passion for the subject with my strong academic background in order to inspire and enable students to fulfil their potential.

I grew up in the Midlands, attending John Taylor High School where I obtained six A levels. I went on to study at the University of Leeds where I obtained a first-class integrated master’s degree in Theoretical Physics with a year spent studying at the University of California, Berkeley. During my degree, I completed various research, some of which has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Teaching Experience

Last year, I completed my PGCE in Secondary Science: Physics at the University of Cambridge. Upon completion of this, I immediately started working at Bethnal Green Academy where I am completing my NQT year. I currently teach general science at Key Stages 3 and 4 and Physics at Key Stage 5. In addition, I run a further maths club for high attaining year 10 students. I am committed to the success of my students, with all of them currently working at or above their expected level of attainment.

Prior to teaching, I worked in student support for four years, where I worked with deaf students at various post-sixteen educational establishments in the Leeds area.

As a tutor, I promote a creative approach to problem-solving that enables students to build their confidence through mastery techniques. Through this, students can appreciate the links between concepts and the mathematical skills necessary in order to solve problems related to these.


My main interest is singing. Prior to becoming a teacher, I performed in several bands and was a member of a gospel choir during my year in America. In addition, I enjoy acting, reading, and writing and producing music.

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