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Exceptional Academics provide advice to parents on school choice and how to go about the application process for schools. We make this transition smooth for everybody involved. We offer continual academic support from Key Stage 2 - 5. We help parents to liaise with schools on academic matters. We offer support to families who may be adjusting to a new country, new academic system and new curriculum. We provide advice to our students on University choices. Finally, with our News Section, we keep parents informed on all educational matters from the news.



Schools Consultant

We now also have an in-house schools consultant who is a current working head teacher at an independent prep school who can also offer a mock interview as she herself has many years of experience interviewing.

Price : £250

Vania Adams:  Schools Consultant

 As a London-based independent school Head with ten years of experience, Vania is adept with the process of guiding pupils (and their parents) through the 11+ examination system, interview process and the transition to secondary school.  Her knowledge of senior schools in London is substantial and she regularly visits a wide range of educational establishments in her remit as Headteacher, staying in touch with leadership changes and new initiatives. 

Vania works by building a profile of your child which will include their academic, sporting and creative potential as well as extra-curricular interests and achievements. Together, you can consider your options and arrive at a shortlist of schools that will offer maximum opportunity for your child to fulfil their potential and enjoy their time at school. 

Above all, she approaches the child holistically believing that, whilst pupils should be challenged and encouraged to perform at their optimum in examinations and be the best version of themselves during interviews, they should not be unduly stressed by inappropriate pressure or by neglecting the activities that they really enjoy.  In her view, the key to minimising stress for pupils is by forming a strategic shortlist of schools where the child will flourish and by developing a good work routine both a school and at home, supported by parents, school and tutors.

In addition to her role as Schools Consultant at Exceptional Academics, Vania  can also provide Interview Practice and technique, consult on the need for occasional places at either day or boarding school and advise on appropriate Learning Support expertise. 

Vania has a BA in English Literature and Drama, a PGCE, and an MA in Creativity in Education (awarded as a collaboration between King's College, London and The Globe Theatre).

11+ & 13+ Mock Exams

Whether a one-off assessment or a baseline assessment prior to tutoring, parents can be confident that they will have an honest report of their child’s academic level.

We also run 11+ and 13+ mock exams, each consisting of a Maths paper and an English paper. The papers will include a wide range of topics which arise every year in the 11+ and 13+ exams either in multiple choice format or a standard written exam format; all students will sit the papers under real exam conditions. Parents will also receive a written report outlining specific targets to improve on. Each mock exam will get progressively harder than the last.

Venue: Belleville School, Belleville Road, Battersea, SW11 6PR
Cost: £170
There will be a 10% discount for students who sign up for 3 or more mock exams.

11+ and 13+ mock exams run concurrently. Below are further details of each 11+ mock exam. Please note 13+ candidates will be given a standard written paper for both English and Maths.

16 June (Standard written Paper)                           |      10:00 – 13:00      

15 September (MC Paper & Reasoning)                |      10:00 – 13:00     

13 October (MC Paper & Reasoning)                     |      10:00 – 13:00     

3 November (Standard written Paper)                    |      10:00 – 13:00     

10 November (Latymer Upper style paper)             |      10:00 – 12:30     

8 December (Standrad written paper)                     |      10:00 – 13:00     

To enrol your child onto any of our mock exams, please email info@exceptionalacademics.com or contact us.


We demystify the complexities of UCAS and assist with personal statements. We can prepare candidates for their University interview. We also help families who are unfamiliar with the UK independent school system to apply for various prep or secondary schools.


There are many different forms of tutoring that we can provide to students, these include:


Individual tutoring

Paired tutoring

Small group tutoring

Revision courses

Online lessons

For those who prefer online lessons, we offer Skype or Facetime lessons making learning more accessible to everyone, nationally and internationally.

11+ Saturday School 2019

Each Saturday morning, we run a small class of no more than 8 students for the 11+. Lessons alternate between English and Mathematics, offering additional reasoning practice. The lessons adhere to a bespoke 11+ syllabus we have created in both English and Mathematics based on our knowledge and experince of the 11+ assessment criteria for the past decade. They will be taught by the Heads and Deputy Heads of English and Maths in the company, who are fully qualified and experienced ex-Heads of Departments and teachers.

Autumn Term 2019

Every Saturday

First Lesson: 7 September 2019

Last Lesson: 14 December 2019

(lessons will take place throughout the half term on 19 and 26 October and 2 November)

Cost: £1800 for Year 6, £1650 for Year 5 with 15 lessons in total.

Spring Term 2020

Every Saturday

First Lesson: 11 January 2020

Last Lesson: 28 March 2020

(no lessons during half term on 15 and 22 February)

Cost: £1100 with 10 lessons in total

Summer Term 2020

Every Saturday

First Lesson: 25 April 2020

Last Lesson: 11 July 2020

(no lessons during half term on 23 and 30 May)

Cost: £1100 with 10 lessons in total

To enrol your child onto our 11+ Saturday school, please email info@exceptionalacademics.com or contact us.

Exam Preparation & Revision

We assist children with 11+ and 13+ examinations into the most academic Independent, Grammar Schools and State Secondary schools in the country. We also prepare students for national exams at GCSE, AS A Level or IB examinations across a range of subjects and syllabi.

Please see below our 11+ and 13+ revision booster weeks.

Exam PreparationRevision Courses
7+, &+, 9+, 10+11+ Preparation for Year 5s
11+ Grammar Schools11+ Exam Boosters for Year 6s
11+ Independent Day & Boarding Schools13+ Preparation for Years 7s
13+ Independent Schools13+ Exam Boosters for Year 8s
GCSE/IBGCSE/IB English/Maths
AS/A levelsAS/A level English/Maths

Our 2019 Revision Courses

11+ & 13+ Booster Courses 2019 
Delivered by experienced teachers

  • Small and differentiated class groups of 8 or less
  • English, Maths and Reasoning
  • Past paper practice, model answers and exam techniques
  • Exclusive resources developed in-house

Belleville Primary School, Belleville Road, Battersea, SW11 6PR
Pimlico, Kensington Areas
Prices for 5-day courses: 11+ £550 | 13+ £565

Prices for 3-day courses: 11+ £350  (no 13+ for 3-day courses)

27 - 31 May (only in Belleville School, Battersea)
10:00 - 13:00

30 August - 3 September (only in Belleville School, Battersea)
10:00 - 13:00

21 - 25 October (only in Belleville School, Battersea)
10:00 - 13:00

28 October - 1 November (only in Pimlico)
10:00 - 13:00

16 - 20 December 
Morning session 10:00 - 13:00 (to be determined)
Afternoon session 16:00 - 19:00 (in Belleville School, Battersea)

Pre-Exam Intensive 3-day Course
2 - 4 January 2020 (only in Belleville School, Battersea)
10:00 - 13:00 

To enrol your child onto any of the courses, please email info@exceptionalacademics.com or contact us.

Mock Interviews

This involves one of our experienced tutors visiting your home and setting up a Mock interview scenario. We will send you the interview questions upon receipt of your confirmation and payment in advance of the interview so that you can help your child to prepare.

Price: £120

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

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