With teaching that inspires; a positive attitude to learning; high expectations from our tutors;a positive attitude to learning; determination and hard work from our students and consistent parental support, we believe that every child is able to succeed academically.



11+ & 13+ Mock Exam 2020

We will be running a series of mock exams, each consisting a Maths paper and an English paper similar to the ones your child will be sitting in November and/or January. The papers will include a wide range of topics which arise every year in the 11+ exams either in multiple choice format or a standard written exam format; all students will sit the papers under real exam conditions. Parents will also receive a written report outlining specific targets to improve on. Each mock exam will get progressively harder than the last.

12/13th December  (Standard Written Papers, English & Maths)  |  To be completed over the weekend      

  28th December (Standard Written Papers, English & Maths)  |  To be completed over the weekend    


Vania Adams is our in-house schools consultant, who is a current working head teacher at an independent prep school.

Schools Consultations with Vania Adams
Vania Adams works by building a profile of your child which will include their academic, sporting and creative potential as well as extra-curricular interests and achievements. Together, you can consider your options and arrive at a shortlist of schools that will offer maximum opportunity for your child to fulfil their potential and enjoy their time at school.

Price: £200.00 for 1 hour
£250.00 for 1.5 hours

Mock Interview with Vania Adams
Vania can also offer a mock interview, as she herself has many years of experience in interviewing.

Vania Adams is adept with the process of guiding both pupils and parents alike through the 11+ examination system, interview process and the transition to secondary school. She is therefore perfectly placed to provide interview practice and techniques. As a Head teacher, she has substantial knowledge of senior schools in London, excellent relationships with Senior Head teachers and keeps up to date with leadership changes and new initiatives.

Price : £200 for 1.5 hours.


Saturday School 2020

We are running the next 11+ Saturday School 2020 for Year 5 students, starting on 4 January at Belleville Primary School.

Equipped with an interactive whiteboard and computers, the lessons will be held in a stimulating classroom designed for teaching and learning. Taught in small groups, the lessons will alternate between English and Mathematics, offering additional Reasoning practice. Learning will be fun and interactive whilst maintaining the academic rigour of our one-to-one lessons.

**Time 10:00 – 13:00

Venue Belleville Primary School, Belleville Road, London, SW11 6PR

  Spring Term 2020 

Every Saturday | First lesson: 4 January 2020 | Last lesson: 28 March 2020 (there will be a lesson during half term on 15 February but not on 22 February)
Cost: £1320 (12 lessons in total)

Summer Term 2020

Every Saturday
First Lesson: 18 April
Last Lesson: 11 July
(there will be a lesson during half term on 23 May but not on 30 May)

Cost: £1320 with 12 lessons in total

Autumn Term 2020

Every Saturday
First Lesson: 5 September
Last Lesson: 12 December
(lessons will take place throughout the half term on 24 and 31 October)

Cost: £1800 for Year 6, £1650 for Year 5 with 15 lessons in total.

For more information please contact us at info@exceptionalacademics.com



At Exceptional Academics we also provide parents with support in getting through the applications process with their children.

For more information kindly send an email to info@exceptionalacademics.com


Exam Preparation & Revision

We assist children with 11+ and 13+ examinations into the most academic Independent, Grammar Schools and State Secondary schools in the country. We also prepare students for national exams at GCSE, AS A Level or IB examinations across a range of subjects and syllabi.

Please see below our 11+ and 13+ revision booster weeks.

Exam Preparation

Revision Courses

7+, &+, 9+, 10+

11+ Preparation for Year 5s

11+ Grammar Schools

11+ Exam Boosters for Year 6s

11+ Independent Day & Boarding Schools

13+ Preparation for Years 7s

13+ Independent Schools

13+ Exam Boosters for Year 8s


GCSE/IB English/Maths

AS/A levels

AS/A level English/Maths

Our 2021 Revision Courses

We are running the following online courses from 15 - 19 February 2021:

If your child is currently taking Cambridge (CIE) IGCSE English Literature or GCSE/IGCSE English Language, this is an exciting opportunity to receive expert tuition in preparation for the upcoming assessments.

Cambridge (CIE) IGCSE English Literature Course - 10:30 am-12 pm
Ages: 14-16

GCSE and IGCSE English Language Course - 2.30 pm - 4 pm
Ages: 14-16

Creative Writing Masterclass - 10 am -11.30 am
Ages: 10-13

Looking to ignite a creative spark in your child during these dull lockdown days? Exceptional Academics’ Creative Writing Masterclass is the perfect solution.

Young Filmmakers Workshop - 2 pm to 4 pm
Ages: 10 - 13

Could your child be the next Steven Spielberg or Spike Lee? Exceptional Academics are running a brand new Young Filmmakers Workshop - and we want you involved! This course will be facilitated by our in-house filmmaking tutors with professional experience in the industry.

To enrol your child onto any of the courses, please email info@exceptionalacademics.com 

Mock Interviews

This involves one of our experienced tutors visiting your home and setting up a Mock interview scenario. We will send you the interview questions upon receipt of your confirmation and payment in advance of the interview so that you can help your child to prepare.

Price: £120

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

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