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Science Revision

Science Revision Top Tips written by our tutor Era. 

Era’s science exam golden nuggets: past questions, videos and mnemonics. 
1. Past paper questions are your best friend! Once you have studied a chapter, always consolidate your learning with past paper questions solely on that chapter. If you do this consistently throughout the year, exam season will be a breeze! (Remember to do the questions based on your exam board.) 
2. Videos are an excellent way of learning scientific processes. When you’re struggling to understand a topic, a YouTube search normally helps provide some clarity, since it stimulates us to learn in both a visual and auditory way. 
3. It is always better to understand rather than memorise when it comes to science since memorisation is only useful in the short term. However, for some topics like learning the flame colours for metal ions for chemistry, the classification of organisms for biology or the electromagnetic spectrum for physics, mnemonic devices are a great way of assisting our memory — and can even make revising fun!