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Science Class

Science is one of the fundamental subjects needed for students to learn about the ever-changing world we live in. Each session of science tuition approaches ideas and concepts in a way that allows the students to develop their understanding in a manner that allows progression at a speed that they are comfortable with, while pushing them towards attainable goals. Over the course of their science tuition, the student is assessed on their prior knowledge of a topic which informs us on how to proceed with each session. A variety of techniques and practices are used to help the student progress: one such example can be constructing concept maps to link ideas together, so students can follow the logical progression of a concept as it becomes more challenging- this helps with revision before an assessment.

As science is made of three disciplines - Biology, Chemistry, and Physics - we make sure to look at the underlying foundational knowledge needed for the course so that students have a firm ground from which to build their progression. The application of mathematical principles has a large role in the science subjects, in particular Physics, and so we work on implementing and practising the various equations needed for each subject. This allows them to expand their appreciation of how to utilise the mathematical skills they already know into new and relatable situations. Since the practical side of science mostly cannot be practised in science tuition sessions, the many various experiments that the students need to know are covered from an academic stance so that they have a clearer understanding of the scientific method; this allows the students to see the application of scientific ideas and helps reinforce the knowledge they gain.

Science Tuition - tech

To help the pupils prepare for their exams, each tutoring session will make sure that the pupils master examination technique so that they can feel confident including all the necessary detail when answering long answer questions. We also practise examination style questions and look at how to establish the process behind formulating an answer that corresponds to what is needed. The skills that each student develops during science tuition will allow them to achieve throughout the course of their academic life and many of those skills are also transferable onto other subjects