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Booster Course Dates 2023

Throughout the year, we run a series of exam booster revision courses across all key stages and both online and offline.  Each course is bespoke and is meticulously designed by our experienced subject department heads.  Teaching and learning is fun, engaging and academically rigorous whilst being supportive in developing pupil confidence for exams. Classes are deliberately small so that pupils receive personalised feedback.

How can EA Exam Revision Booster Courses help?

  • Our courses are designed by the Directors of EA or subject department heads, many of whom are examiners for Pearson IGCSE, AQA GCSEs and AQA and EDEXEL A level.
  • Our courses help learners to know what content to expect in their exams and which exam questions always arise.
  • Our courses teach exam technique and strategies.
  • Our courses help to decode exam language so that nothing phases our pupils.
  • Our courses teach model answers, enabling our pupils to ace top marks. 
  • Our courses help to identify learning gaps and provide exam question practice.

11+ Courses

11+ courses, delivered both offline and online, follow the Exceptional Academics 11+ curriculum in English, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  The three-hour, daily sessions are split between Maths/NVR and English/VR with a short comfort break in the middle. Homework, self-marking schemes and personalised teacher feedback is provided together with a progress report at the end of the week.

Each course curriculum is created by Dara and Matthew, the Directors of EA, and offers breadth and depth of teaching and learning in each topic, and is tailor-made to meet the requirements of the schools to which attendees are applying.

Our course facilitators are experienced 11+ tutors with unblemished records of academic success.  To keep children stimulated, content and activities are varied and include games to make learning fun and memorable.   By covering diverse topics, questions and activities on each course, EA pupils can feel really confident and calm entering each examination, prepared for anything that may come up.