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French is regarded as an impressive subject choice for universities and international employers. Fluency in a modern foreign language is now a pre-requisite rather than a competitive advantage. GCSE French covers the four key skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening with equal weighting attributed to each in examinations. A rigorous understanding of grammar, tenses and structures is essential as it is awarded 10% of the marks in two assessment objectives. Autonomous study is also required in language learning, which is why structured one to one French lessons are extremely beneficial. In a supportive environment, pupils can address personal linguistic challenges with their tutor whilst also allowing adequate time to master speaking and listening skills, which school time constraints can otherwise hinder. Our French tutors can aid vocabulary development, oral fluency and aid in preparing pupils for each section of the speaking examination, such as photo card stimuli, role-plays and general conversation. Tailored to each individual, exam skills and strategies are taught to maximise potential and examination grades.

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A Level

During the two years of the French A level course, students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding and awareness of French history, politics and sociology. They will learn about the many nuances of French and Francophone culture, as well as the latest developments in French society, and at the oral examination, will be required to discuss current affairs and give their opinions.  Conducting an individual research project of a topic of their choice, they must orally demonstrate their understanding of the topic, using sophisticated language. To be successful, opinions must be supported with cultural facts, dates and events. 

The course also includes the study of a French film and a piece of French literature, both of which are examined through written essays.  Whilst the content is intellectually stimulating and engaging, linguistically there is a significant leap from GCSE to A Level, which is where we can help. 

At Exceptional Academics, we can offer bespoke one-to-one French tuition, providing targeted support in language fluency.  We guide pupils on how to manage the research project or how to structure effective arguments in essays. As trained French teachers, our tutors have both a thorough understanding of the A level course content and the expertise to help your child gain top marks at examinations, providing those who wish to apply to the best universities to read French with a clear advantage. We hope that the extra support our French tuition provides will not only pay dividends in your child's grades and language proficiency but also help to foster a life-long love of the language.