Our Approach

The first step…

The first step in establishing how we can best help your child is either by email or phone. We then ask that you complete a student information form, which allows us to gather essential information to help us determine how to work best with your child.

The first meeting…

All parents and students are personally met either by Matthew, Director of Mathematics and Dara, Director of English for an Assessment or both. Getting to know your child, their likes and dislikes, and learning style, is often assessed informally in this first meeting while a more rigorous written assessment allows us to see any gaps there may be in their learning.

After the initial assessment, Dara explained to us our son's strongest and weakest areas. She tailored her teaching totally accordingly to ensure his weak areas were addressed immediately. BE, Battersea

The first appraisal…

An oral appraisal of where there are gaps in their learning is provided if instantaneous feedback is preferred or alternatively, a more formal assessment report may be written upon request.

They monitor the progress so I was always aware of where we were going and what needed to be accomplished. NC, Kensington

The next step…
Individualised Learning Programme

Based on the assessment outcomes; the personality of the student; the aims of the tutoring and the learning style of the student; we begin creating an Individual Learning Programme. We match your child to a tutor who can best meet their needs and arrange the first lesson.

As a parent, I was immediately impressed with Matthew's curriculum and "action plan" to cover all aspects of Maths necessary for the exams. JC, Kensington

The first lesson and beyond…
Building Confidence and Independence

During lessons, through inspirational teaching, we aim to cultivate inquiry so that our students become independent learners and eventually the masters of their own learning.

In our case, it is also important to highlight Dara’s exceptional ability to connect with and inspire a boy who was becoming sad and failing in confidence. She understood how important it was to address that, and her own confidence, with her kindness and enthusiasm, produced a complete transformation. AP, Belgravia

Learning the Curriculum and
cultivating inquiry…

We see our role as tutors as supporting schools in making the framework and curriculum visible to students and parents alike whilst taking leaning far beyond the sometimes narrow constraints of exam curriculum. We want to instil in all our pupils genuine curiosity about our subjects and a love of our subjects

Dara has the very rare skill of using a child’s existing attributes to shape their thinking beyond the constraints of prescriptive learning leads to the long-term development of a child. AG, Chelsea

Ongoing Academic Monitoring…
Formative Assessment

Throughout our lessons, we assess orally and more formally through written tasks. In the case of our exam students, we formally assess frequently by means of past examination papers so that progress is monitored closely by us and subsequently communicated to parents.

Dara’s genuine assessments helped us to keep our expectations realistic. BE, Battersea

Parental Involvement…
Never to be under-estimated

At Exceptional Academics, we passionately believe in instilling a love of learning beginning at home. We work together, with you as parents to do this.

In 2003, Charles Deforges completed an influential report for the British government, which confirmed the crucial impact of parental involvement on pupil attainment.

He asserted that his report’s most important finding was that parental involvement 'has a significant positive effect on children’s achievement and adjustment even after all other factors shaping attainment have been taken out of the equation. In the primary age range the impact caused by different levels of parental involvement is much bigger than differences associated with variations in the quality of schools. The scale of the impact is evident across all social classes and all ethnic groups.'

Matthew provided parents with all the necessary tools with which to support learning. JC, Kensington

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