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Exceptional Academics’ SEND department provides SEND specialist advice, education, support and advocacy. We can also offer assessment of your child’s EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) to ensure that your child is receiving the optimal support possible. 

A good example of this would be how to manage sensory needs in the classroom and what practices which will support that specific child. Also, if a student has a sensory diet provided by occupational therapy or a physiotherapist, we can help adapt this for the classroom and equally, how this may have to be adapted for specific subjects.

Either from a medical report analysis or an informal meeting with Alison, we can produce SEND Communication Profiles (see below) for any identified special educational need or disability for your young person, aiding in the clarification and better communication of their needs. This can then be shared with teaching staff, tutors, future or current employers.

For children that may appear to have additional needs, we may suggest you obtaining a referral to the following practitioners:

Educational Psychologist

Educational Psychologists focus on academic learning, how students learn, and assessing cognitive development. This helps identify barriers to learning and an Ed Psych will write reports which formulate strategies, interventions and advice for the students and staff working with them. During assessment, they can also look at the environment the student is placed in, ensuring that the context and environment are as effective and supportive as possible.

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologists assess behaviours and are a medical provision. They identify medical conditions which impact on behaviours e.g. Autism and behavioural concerns of all types. Referrals to CP are when a student’s behavioural, emotional or psychological state is impacting on their everyday functioning and well-being.

Speech Therapist

Speech Therapists specialise in all aspects of speech. They assess and treat receptive and expressive language disorders, cognitive communication disorders which can impact on memory etc., and articulation and fluency difficulties. They provide programmes to follow and advice for other professionals working with the student.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists enable people to participate in everyday life, from self-care to writing, as well as working on fine motor skills. They provide programmes and support.


Communication Profile

A communication profile is a document which is designed to be personalised to each student and to ensure the best communication with a student whether written or spoken. They are a condensed overview the SEND pupil's needs, allowing for a better and shared understanding of best practice.  They are designed so that all the people working with SEND students are using a consistent approach to ensure maximum progress and optimum communication. 

Once an assessment has been done, the information is collated into a much shorter and accessible profile. They are used in schools and for all people working with the students. Parents can also share them with people running extra-curricular activities e.g. Scouts, music groups etc. and enable helped SEND students to integrate better.

Please see an example communication profile below: