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Mandarin, Chinese, GCSE, Professional Qualification

I have successfully taught students of all levels from complete beginner to immediate level and advanced speaking and business level Mandarin. My teaching is mainly on a 1:1 basis, and the class content is tailored to each student’s needs. I can also teach groups of students. As a Chinese language teacher, I believe I am not just teaching a language, but also introducing Chinese culture to students. My teaching is never only based on textbooks. I like to integrate topics from world news and TV mixed with Chinese films and music.

As Chinese is my vernacular and I am fluent in English, I have no trouble communicating Chinese meanings of words and explaining complicated language structures to my students. During my nine years of teaching experience, I have found that most UK students feel Chinese pronunciation the most difficult and the grammar can be confusing. Therefore, in my teaching, I make special efforts to explain the varied language nuances between English and Chinese. I often draw examples from both languages and compare them.

  • Tags: Mandarin, Chinese,  GCSE, Professional Qualification
  • Exam Boards: AQA, Edexcel