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Primary, English 11+

I was brought up between Hong Kong and the UK. I spent 10 years of my education in British International Schools where I made friends who now live all over the world. I am a sportsman at heart. I love to move. Having dyslexia, I never really ‘got’ school but I loved the playground. How then did I end up as a teacher? I am still exploring this answer but what I have found is that I have an abundance of patience with my students. I always find different ways to explain a concept. If they don’t get it the first time, we try a different way. 

I started teaching 11 years ago. I used to run holiday camps when I was at university, and I seem to have just fallen into teaching. I first thought of becoming a PE teacher but I really like the variety of being in a Primary school, never just teaching one subject.I have now taught the whole of the Primary range. I am confident and I am experienced knowing progressions from Early Years all the way to KS3. I have found that some of my students when tutoring have small gaps where they have missed key concepts and I can pinpoint and fill in those gaps.