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English, Verbal Reasoning, 11+, 13+, Mock Interviews

As Head of English at a leading London preparatory school, I am experienced in a range of entry examinations and requirements for 11+ and 13+, including the demands of English assessment and the softer skills of application process and interview technique. I prepare children on a daily basis for a range of exams including the common pre-test, 11+, 13+ and scholarship exams. I regularly monitor the ever changing school entrance situation. 

My teaching career has taken me on a journey comprising multiple subjects, age groups and countries. From Jeddah to Istanbul, leafy Hampshire to London, I have seen first hand, time and time again, that the key tenet of learning is perseverance. I repeat the mantra unapologetically: an expert is just a beginner with experience. Accordingly, as a postgraduate, I studied English Linguistics and was recently awarded a distinction in Educational Leadership.

Before I had children, my interests were reading, writing and sport. On top of writing several as yet undiscovered manuscripts, I was a county level cricketer as a youngster and a keen hockey player and footballer. Now my interests are more prosaic, involving fire engines, Julia Donaldson and hide and seek!

  • Schools: Oundle, Sherborne, Cheltenham Ladies, Alleyns, Ampleforth, Bradfield, Wycombe Abbey, Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Radley, Marlborough, Dulwich, St Paul's, City of London, Whitgift, Trinity, Brighton, Downside, Kings Bruton, Canford, Wellington, Westminster, Worth, Stowe, Downe House, St Mary's Ascot/Shaftesbury/Calne, Epsom, Ibstock, Wetherby, Bryanston, Harrodian, St Dunstans, King's Canterbury, King's College Wimbledon
  • Tags: English, Verbal Reasoning, Geography, 11+, 13+, Common Entrance, Mock Interviews
  • Exam Boards: ISEB Common Entrance at 11 and 13+, including Common Academic Scholarship. Pre-tests also through ISEB.