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Mandarin refers to Standard Chinese, which is often called simply "Chinese". Standard Mandarin Chinese is based on the particular dialect spoken in Beijing, with some lexical and syntactic influence from other Mandarin dialects. It is the official spoken language of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan (Republic of China, ROC), as well as one of the four official languages of Singapore. It also functions as the language of instruction in Mainland China and Taiwan. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, under the name "Chinese". 

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GCSE Mandarin is designed for students who are learning Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language. The aim is to develop an ability to use the language effectively for practical communication. The course is based on the linked language skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing, and these are built on as learners progress through their studies.

The course also aims to offer insights into the culture of countries where Mandarin Chinese is spoken, thus encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and towards speakers of other languages.

At Exceptional Academics, our highly experienced, native speaking tutors provide a wide range of support so that Mandarin tuition provides students the best possible preparation for GCSE exams as well as learning Mandarin as a practical language. Teachers review all of students’ course requirements regularly to make sure they continue to meet the needs of their schools. 

A Level

A Level Mandarin will deepen student’s grammatical competence and broaden student’s vocabulary so that students can converse about and debate real-world issues, and immerse themselves into the culture, literature, and arts of the country. 

A Level Mandarin tuition builds on the language skills gained at GCSE Mandarin and helps build the ideal foundation for university-level study, or to improve future career prospects. 

During Mandarin tuition students gain an understanding of how to use the language in a variety of situations. They will be expected to handle texts and other source materials, extracting information in order to respond to specific tasks. Through their studies, learners can expect to achieve greater fluency, accuracy, and confidence in the language. They will also learn how to translate material from English into the Chinese.

Mandarin tuition offers students the support and challenge that is required for A level qualifications. As a student you will learn from a native Chinese speaker and have access to our online whiteboard, which contains high-tech digital learning aids.