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Latin, Classical Civilisation, 13+, GCSE, A Level

I started teaching in 2015 at Reed's School. I completed my PGCE and NQT here, and taught Latin & Classical Civilisation for Years 7-13. I also started my CCF career at Reed's, which gave me an opportunity to run various shooting clubs. I was also President of the Toastmasters Association at the school. I left in 2018 in order to work close to home. I started at Churcher's College in 2018, and have also taught Latin & Classical Civilisation across all years,  also teaching Ancient History A Level.

I have been studying Latin since the age of 10, starting at Ibstock Place School, and then completing my degree at the University of Exeter. I love the Classics, both for their fascinating content and academic rigour. I have specialised particularly in the language & translation side of the subjects, but have experience teaching Classical Civilisation and Ancient History.

I live in Hampshire with my fiancé, dog, and two cats; I love the outdoors, and definitely have a sense of adventure. I have several hobbies, but will most often be found trying to learn something new and probably electronic so that I can tinker around the house.

  • Tags: Latin, Classical Civilisation, 13+, GCSE, A Level