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11+ Saturday School

Saturday School dates 2024                                                                                            13th January - 23rd March

Our Saturday School is a perfect way to prepare your children for the 11+ exams. Equipped with an interactive whiteboard and computers, the lessons are held in a stimulating classroom designed for teaching and learning. Taught in small groups, the lessons will alternate between English and Mathematics, offering additional Reasoning practice.

Alice and her older sister have had numerous tutors but none added the value or had the passion for their subjects and teaching that they showed.   In our view, this together with the topic by topic resources and past papers (with answers!) differentiates EA from other tutors and agencies. Our journey through 11+ would have been a lot less stressful had we discovered you sooner!

N.P - Parent

Saturday school learning will be fun and interactive, whilst maintaining the academic rigour of our one-to-one lessons. Our experience has shown that the motivation to succeed increases in children working in a group, who are competing for the same or similar schools.

Saturday School Image

The format of the Saturday School is generally as follows:

For Maths, there is a fun 15-minute starter, followed by the main task focusing on one topic in the 11+, for example Percentages or Fractions and this also involves some group work. Each Math's lesson ends with 15 minutes of non-verbal reasoning.

The English lessons start with a 15-minute verbal reasoning exercise, followed by either a reading or writing task. An exam paper is completed once a month to allow the students to practice their skills and timing. Specific targets are set for each student.

Homework is set during Saturday School each week; this equates to 30 to 45 minutes per subject. As the exams draw near, exam papers are set for homework, which increases the amount of time needed to complete these.