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We want to share the fantastic reviews we receive regarding our tutors. 

"Ola is an excellent tutor who provides structured lessons and is willing to explain things more than once until the concept is understood. She adapts lessons when needed and is friendly and informative. A very friendly, and supportive person. She has helped my daughter regain some confidence in Maths."

"Exceptional Academics provide excellent tutors in Maths, English, VR and NVR. Their team is professional, experienced and can help your children navigate through the exam process with confidence."

"Sasha is a very professional tutor, super well organised, friendly and efficient."

"Bea shows dedication and has significant experience which is reflected in her teaching methods. She brings joy to the subject. My daughter is enjoying her class with Bea."

"Sam is amazing in communication and delivering effective and individualised English teaching. My daughter loves her lessons and has showed a very good interest in the subject after it has been very challenging for her." 
"James is a very experienced Physics teacher and this is clearly reflected in his teaching methods. He keeps me informed with the content covered and puts my daughter through various tasks ensuring he builds her foundation and keeps her challenged. He follows up with notes covered during the class. He has been making the class enjoyable with experiments and the use of various teaching tools. Excellent teacher!."
"A genuinely committed teacher! My daughter loves her chemistry classes with Nicola. Nicola's teaching techniques allows my daughter to grasp concepts and retain them. Nicola has definitely provided a significant source of motivation and inspiration. Thank you, Nicola."
"Era has been wonderful support; she always came prepared, positive, with a clear idea of what needed to be worked on. She kept me updated on my son’s progress with meticulous detail. Her approach is collaborative and consultative, so when I felt we needed to spend some time preparing for a particular school, with their specific requirements and tests, she easily pivoted and focused on the immediate task and goal It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Era. We have used other tutors and we know first hand that it’s not easy to make the student work hard while building a positive relationship and having fun. Era was fantastic at that. She was engaging, positive, motivating and laser-focused on areas ear-marked for improvement. I cannot recommend Era highly enough."
" We have been so happy to have Sophia as a key part of our daughter's English learning journey this last year. They have really clicked.  Sophia is enthusiastic, encouraging and interested.  They have great conversations and, with Sophia’s guidance, our daughter's confidence, vocabulary and structure have really improved.  She loves the subject, but particularly the time that she spends with Sophia and comes bouncing out of her sessions. She’s an excellent teacher who really conveys a passion for her subject, sets appropriate levels of work and gives extremely clear, prompt and full feedback on the lessons. Thank you for sending her our way.  She is a joy."
"Abigail is firm but approachable and has made online tutoring with our daughter very enjoyable. The sessions are well run, the homework is thoughtful and reviewed and there is a sense of a joint effort to achieve the collective goal. Very happy and would most defiantly recommend."
"Daniel is very strong technically, personable and has created a good rapport with our daughter. Very engaged, supportive and the right level of demanding."
"We are so happy with Jessica. Our kids love her, and they are really making progress thanks to her. I can’t recommend her enough."
"Nick is the best maths tutor we can think of. He combines the rare skills of knowing how to teach maths to children with a kind personality. He is motivated, diligent and organised."
"Ben started tutoring our daughter in Year 10 for English GCSE. Although very bright, she has never been comfortable doing English - she is naturally more comfortable with maths. However, she has flourished under Ben's tutelage having just received a predictive GCSE grade in English of 9. Ben's method is highly tailored to each student - with our daughter it was largely based on practice questions - reviewing them together, drawing out our daughter's instinctive ideas and then Ben gives her the tools and structure to elevate her responses. Her writing and confidence has improved considerably all because of Ben! Cannot recommend highly enough!"
"Oh wow! I have had my predicted grade upgraded to A* from B. Thanks so much Ranjit for the interactive lessons and purposeful resources."
"I would highly recommend Amina to others. She has high expectations and firmly but kindly gets the best out of pupils both in written work and in conversation during lessons, encouraging them to conduct themselves in an articulate and mature way. Lessons are pitched at exactly the right level to challenge but not overwhelm. Amina is proactive about identifying any gaps in learning and filling them. Thank you very much!!"
“Richard has been a blast of fresh air with our daughter (11). His sessions are fun, interactive but probing and she has thoroughly enjoyed both getting to know him, but exploring her understanding of the subject.  Initially a little reticent, he has created an environment where her natural aptitude has flourished and she is now far more confident both in her abilities, but also in her engagement in class and at school.  She really has blossomed.”