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Maths, 11+, 13+, GCSE

I have 22 years’ experience as a teacher and headmaster, currently working in a selective prep school in central London after moving to London from my native Iceland where I enjoyed success working in media and education.

Through my teaching, both in the state and independent sector, I have gained extensive experience in preparing pupils for entrance examinations to many of the most selective senior schools in the UK at both 11+ and 13+ entry. These include Westminster School, St.Paul’s School, Eton, and Merchant Taylors’ School. Furthermore, I help students to think about how they can communicate their knowledge and opinions, passions and interests, so that their personality is not obscured by prepared answers in their interview and platitudes in their personal statement.

As a Mathematics tutor, I combine suitable online learning platforms with reflective questioning to ensure pupils gain deep understanding, enabling them to apply mathematical concepts in different problem scenarios. I use tried and tested self reflection sheets highlighting errors and areas for improvement helping the student to approach test preparation in a meticulous way. This has helped numerous students achieve their target grade or higher at their respective examinations.