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Welcome to Exceptional Academics educational blog page. Here you can see topics that our tutors and specialists have written to provide hints, tips, additional material and best practices, helping our clients to aid their children in becoming exceptional academics themselves. 

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  • Developing Good Learning Habits

    Published 22/08/23, by Laura Hughes

    Amina attended the recent Independent School Show (ISS) in London where Heads of some of the most prestigious schools were invited to speak at the podium to parents and provide insights on how to navigate the admissions process with success. One topic that came up was about how to develop good learning habits in children.   Amina has provided a list of some of the things parents can do to set this process in motion.

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  • Science Revision

    Published 21/04/23, by Laura Hughes

    Science Revision Top Tips written by our tutor Era. 

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  • The signs of dyslexia

    Published 21/04/23, by Laura Hughes

    We wanted to share an article written by our SEN team for the Nappy Valley Net Schools Guide 2022/23 highlighting the signs of Dyslexia.

    If you suspect your child may have dyslexia:
    Ask teachers to send key vocabulary for the week so your child can practise reading and spelling.
    When reading aloud to them, ask them to jot down any word they do not understand or know how to spell onto colourful sticky notes. You can write down the correct spelling later. (A dyslexic child may not be able to find the word easily in the dictionary).
    Younger children may find deconstructed words, written out onto jigsaw shapes, really useful. They can practise putting the words back together and reading the spelling aloud. Then they can practise writing the words, tracing over them using tracing paper.

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  • Thinking scientifically

    Published 19/05/22, by Laura Hughes

    A recent article from the Guardian (April 2022) inspired one of our tutors to write the following blog... 

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  • Top Five Plays to See in A Lifetime

    Published 18/08/21, by Laura Hughes

    Sophie - English Tutor

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  • Latin is not a Dead Language

    Published 13/08/21, by Laura Hughes

    Julian - Education Consultant and Latin Teacher

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  • The Importance of Mocks

    Published 04/08/21, by Laura Hughes

    Holly - EA English Tutor

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  • School Appplications

    Published 23/07/21, by Laura Hughes

    Vania - Headteacher & Mock Interviewer

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  • Creative writing

    Published 01/04/21, by Laura Hughes

    Bea - English Tutor

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